The Internet of Clothes is a not-for-profit, collaborative project based in London and Birmingham, UK. Our aim is to use technology solutions to address over consumption of clothing in a creative and engaging form.

Project Lead – Mark Brill –

Mark is a Senior Lecturer in Future Media at Birmingham City University, consultant and brand strategist. He has been working with emerging media channels since 1992, combining client work with lecturing and creative projects.

Team Members
Alexa Torlo Hartwell // Birmingham City University // Partnership Development
Zoé Diderich // 3D Design Consultant


Maker Monday@maker_monday

Maker Monday is a Birmingham-based event bringing creatives and technologists together to create projects of artistic and utilitarian benefit. The event, supported by BCU has been running since April 2015 and has created a network of over 400 people. Participants of the event will support the technical and creative development of The Internet of Clothes.

Birmingham City University – CEBE

Software and Algorithm Development PhD researchers in the computing department at BCU will provide on-going support to the software development, including the clothing usage algorithm and supporting the open source element.


INTERLACED is a platform covering all that is exciting in fashion in technology through events, fashion tech shows, news content and interviews with pioneers in the industry. INTERLACED aims to foster conversation between fashion tech startups, established companies, academia and end consumers for the next wave of fashion. The company is supporting the development of an ethical fashion network around the Internet of Clothes.

Fertha – will act as a charity partner to receive unwanted clothing from the wardrobe. They are a sustainable online clothing retailer, who curate clothes for
women and men; ranging from high street to designer labels. fertha
brings multiple UK charities together under one roof in order to ‘further’ the
lifecycle of clothes and ‘further’ the important and life-changing work their
charity partners achieve by providing them with additional revenue streams.

HF Contracts –

HF are a W Midlands based company that design, manufacture and install furniture, to realise the vision of any interior or retail space. The company is supporting the manufacture of the connected wardrobe.

More partners will be announced shortly.

Press Coverage

For press enquiries, please contact Mark Brill,

We’re pleased to see plenty of press coverage for the project in the UK, US, Australia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, India and China. It’s encouraging to see the the concept is catching peoples imagination:–speak–to-owners (this one isn’t so favourable, but it’s good to represent all views)

Talk Radio Europe