We can address the problem of over-consumption of clothing quite simply. We need to own fewer, yet ethically produced clothes that we wear more often. So what if we could make the clothes aware of their usage? We can even add a personality that asks, or pleads to be worn. And if they’re ignored, they will pass themselves on to a charity for recycling. We hope this engaging concept will create a debate and ultimately our aim is to use technology to change our relationship with clothing … 


The initial inspiration began with an artistic project called ‘Brad the Toaster’ by Italian designer Simone Rebaudengo, who created a connected appliance that would compare Brad’s usage to other appliances. In The Internet of Clothes, the items are connected via an RFID tagging system. The user will scan each tag, photograph and name the items, then categorise their type of usage according to the weather or occasion. Each day, at a time set by the user, the garments will review their usage, and based on the weather forecast, they will send friendly messages to their owner. If a garment is neglected, it will automatically contact a charity who will send a recycling envelope with a request to return the garment.

We want to use The Internet of Clothes to change our view of fashion. By connecting our wardrobes, adding personality and giving garments a say in their usage, we can introduce the idea of ‘clothes as a service’. Clothes are not owned – we use the items as long as we need them. And when we don’t need them, they pass themselves on to someone else.