How it Works

The concept is to create a simple, frictionless experience. The user doesn’t need to manually log the clothes in or out of their wardrobe each day – if it takes too much effort, people just won’t do it. Our solution is to use RFID technology. It is a cheap, passive (no batteries required), washable tag that can be added to any garment. An RFID reader is put on a wardrobe or a room door, so the system can register when clothes have been taken from the closet. Users will initially categorise clothing by how often they will wear it, the season or the weather (such as rainwear). At a time set by the user each day, clothes will send a reminder message asking to be worn. If clothes are ignored a few times, they will contact our partner charity who will send a recycling envelope with a request from the garment to be returned … read more


We have begun the initial prototyping of the project. Following the prototyping phase, we will open source the technology. Anyone will be able to connect their wardrobe using a cheap Raspberry Pi, an RFID reader and RFID tags. The system software will be available as a cloud service – any user can simply set up their account, log in their wardrobe and start seeing messages.

We will be asking for registrations for the beta version as soon as we have completed the prototyping.